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TEUN VERBRUGGEN (°1975) first picked up the drums by the age of eight. After two summer courses with drummer Dré Pallemaerts he went to the Conservatory of Brussels where he was taught by Hans Van Oosterhout. Since graduating from this school in 1999, he became one of the most in demand sideman in lots of different bands and musical styles in no time (Jef Neve, Flat Earth Society). With other projects such as Chaos of the Haunted Spire and Othin Spake Verbruggen himself takes the role of a bandleader. The personal style of Verbruggen is characterized by openness to various genres, the will to break musical boundaries, the search for new sounds and the urge for freedom and improvisation. As a musician, Verbruggen is active on the interface between different art disciplines and regularly collaborates with dancers, performers and visual artists.





Philosophy of Teun Verbruggen’s program



TEUN VERBRUGGEN compiled a multidisciplinary program that focuses the attention on experiment, dialogue and cross-fertilization, improvisation and the creation of (artistic) encounters.

In addition to the presentation of already existing productions, the emphasis lies on the presentation and creation of unique performances, works or installations. This will be acquired in the form of improvisation, by giving creative assignments to selected artists or by addressing artists to host an evening under the heading: 'carte blanche'. In addition to the presentation of established names, there is also room for young, emerging talent.





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visual arts





The multidisciplinary and cross-over character is further enhanced by three artists (or collectives) who are asked by Verbruggen to do an artistic intervention in the central location of this program: W-O-L-K-E. Peter Jacquemyn will create a monumental mural; Joris Van de Moortel will build a installation / performance space and Dear Pigs will do a spatial intervention by integrating an installation created especially for this project. These art installations will form the backdrop in which Teun's program will be presented the following 6 weeks.





BANG! takes place at various locations in Brussels. The central point of the program is W-O-L-K-E. W-O-L-K-E is an intermediary space and offers an independent place for making, showing and discussing all kinds of exchanges. The place includes workshops for architects, designer and visual artists. On the eleventh floor of the same building a common workshop, studios and an exhibition / performance / meeting space are housed. W-O-L-K-E provides the perfect framework for the multidisciplinary program of Teun Verbruggen. 



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Additionally KultuurKaffee is also a guest at KVS located within a stone’s throw of W-O-L-K-E, as well as in Recyclart .





Every Wednesday between 12.30 and 14.00 we present to you the W-O-L-K-E lunch. Also on the evenings of performances at W-O-L-K-E we have a nice buffet waiting for you from 18.00 onwards. All dishes are prepared with fresh vegetarian and organic ingredients. The beverage selection includes locally brewed specialty beers of Brussels.



 Soup: € 3

Main course: € 4

Dessert: € 3

Reservations for the W-O-L-K-E lunch and evening meals are not possible, but ticketholders are more than welcome to join us at our table. Do come early, first-comes, first -served. During the performances the kitchen will be closed.


The ongoing exhibitions of Dear Pigs, Peter Jacquemyn and Joris Van de Moortel are free to visit during the W-O-L-K-E lunches.






45 Rue du Canal, 1000 Brussels


9 Quai aux Pierres de Taille, 1000 Brussels


25, Rue des Ursulines, 1000 Brussel




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