About us


KultuurKaffee is an open, artistic place in Brussels for young, promising talent and a young audience.

KultuurKaffee currently operates (due to construction works) as a nomadic cultural organization with events at various locations of our capital.

Twice a year we organize BANG! - our traveling arts festival. For BANG! a guest curator

 puts together an adventurous six-week festival program.


So what's for the future?


April 2019, KultuurKaffee will take a part of our day-to-day action to the former Fritz Toussaint barracks in Ixelles to start developing our brand-new project: Barak Lili M. Barak Lili M will offer studio space for promising, young talent, a rehearsal room for musicians. And last but not least, we’ll also initiate an open space for future thinkers and doers with ambitions towards creative entrepreneurship.

October 2019, we will fin-all-y open the new cultural season in our brand new building! Stay tuned.



KultuurKaffee presents and supports young artistic talent, active in the alternative, non-commercial circuit. Our organization provides a professional framework and the necessary presentation and career opportunities for young national and international groups and artists. KultuurKaffee presents a broad multidisciplinary program and searches (where pertinent) for a scientific embedding.

With an unconventional program Kultuurkaffee aims at young people, students and adventurous culture lovers who are actively looking for new discoveries and who are open to innovation and experimentation.


Our Vision

Starting from our strong local roots KultuurKaffee holds a Brussels and superregional eradiation and pursues a broad artistic-social relevance.

KultuurKaffee achieves this by:

  • offering a cultural program that surpasses the boundaries of artistic disciplines and social domains;
  •  creating an environment where more accessible cultural genres go hand in hand with the widening of the artistic repertoire and the experiment;
  • setting up a focused and contemporary communication around its cultural activities;
  • actively involving young people and students by encouraging and supporting them in developing their own artistic and organizational talents and ambitions;
  • collaborating with relevant cultural partners on different local and (inter)national levels;
  • representing ourselves as a Brussels organization and consequently giving extra focus on Brussels artists, by looking beyond language and cultural boundaries and by responding to the metropolitan reality and diversity of the city we are located in.