! 28/02 Due to illness Nicolas Rombouts replaces bass player Kristof Roseeuw - NADJMA postponed, Lennart Heyndels takes over

Revised program

Published on 27 February 2015

Due to illness bass player Kristof Roseeuw will be replaced by Nicolas Rombouts. The bass player of Dez Mona (among many other projects) will create a single improvised performance with dancer Charlotte Vanden Eynde at w-o-l-k-e.

Sadly the germs also celebrated at Nadjma's place so due to sickness this performance is postponed to a later date. More information will follow.

As a compensation Lennart Heyndels will give a small solo performance in the speaker cabinet by Joris Van de Moortel this Saturday.

A complete overview of the revised program this saturday can be found here: