CANCEL: Sepia regrets the cancellation of his djset tonight

Looking as we speak to fill his spot with another great act

Published on 07 May 2014

Sepia anounced on our Facebook eventpage he couldn't make it to Brussels due to some problems with his passport.

We are looking for a replacement at the moment.

Current line up:

22-23h Break The Silence

23--01h Bunzer0

01h-02h To be announced

02h-end Break The Silence

Read Sepia's own personal statement, posted on Facebook:

Hey guys, it's Sepia here.

Due to the incompetence and poor service of "Her Majesty's" Passport Service in the UK, I am unable to travel to Belgium today and play tonight's show.

I was really looking forward to meeting you all and spinning some tunes and enjoying a drink.

I am looking to arrange a free show to make up for anyone who was coming over to see me. I will be sorting that out with JB and Bart soon.

I hope you all still enjoy your night, BunZer0 - FOB Show is a badman, so you'll be in good hands.

Again I am really sorry about this. Not much you can do when the passport office delays sending your passport 



nonetheless the party is still on: come dance on the tunes of bunzero & break the silence