CANCELLED: Jeroen Olyslaegers & Teun Verbruggen (Duo) + O'Serpentine | Dimitri Verhulst, Teun Verbruggen, Nicolas Rombouts and the shadow play 'The Serpent' as a worthwhile substitute

Published on 06 February 2015

Some bad news and some great news.

The evening with Jeroen Olyslaegers & Teun Verbruggen + O'Serpentine is cancelled.

Luckily curator Verbruggen brought another fine suggestion to the table.





None other than writer Dimitri Verhulst (text) will jump in together with Nicolas Rombouts and Teun Verbruggen himself (music) to bring a one of a kind performance.

The mesmerizing shadow play 'The Serpent' completes the new line up with a combination of image, dance and live music, based on the exotic sounds of Martin Denny.

Tickets and info: