Join us for a nice meal during BANG!

Published on 15 January 2015

Every Wednesday during BANG! CURATED BY TEUN VEBRUGGEN we present to you the W-O-L-K-E lunch between 12.30 and 14.00. Also on the evenings of performances at W-O-L-K-E we have a nice buffet waiting for you (from 18.00 onwards). So ticketholders can grab a bite with us before the show starts.

All dishes are prepared with fresh vegetarian and organic ingredients. The beverage selection includes locally brewed specialty beers of Brussels.


Soup: € 3

Main course: € 4

Dessert: € 3


Reservations for the W-O-L-K-E lunch and evening meals are not possible, but everyone with a ticket is more than welcome to join us at our table. Do come early, because first-comes, first-served. During the performances the kitchen will be closed.

Ongoing exhibitions of Dear Pigs, Peter Jacquemyn and Joris Van de Moortel are free to visit during the W-O-L-K-E lunches.