Rockrace 2014, the first finalists!

Published on 26 March 2014

The first semi-final of Rockrace 2014 reveiled its first finalists!

After a slow start of the evening, more and more people started showing up. Jacle Bow, with a very charismatic front man in their midst, is the first finalist.

The Portrait may call themselves finalists as well after their performance yesterday. Notwithstanding the fact some overenthusiastic spectators climbed the stage during their show, they kept performing on a high level. The comparison with a world-class band, like The Killers, was made that night.

Unfortunately a race has losers as well. We have to say goodbye to ‘One Man Brawl’ and we hope to see them again one day… maybe next year?

The Portrait and Jacle Bow can prepare themselves for an exciting Final on the 29th of April at the AB Club!

Tonight the line up, for the big final, will be finalized at the Rits Café. The second semi-final will be an exciting fight between three bands: Tangerine, Bonfire Lake and The Geraldines. Kickoff 19:30!