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Dutch pop hero ready to cross the border/ Belgium album presentation ! our last concert at KultuurKaffee

Wednesday 03 December 2014
Ouverture des portes : 19:30
Price : presale. €4 (red.) / €8 (excl. reservation cost) atd €6 (red.) /€12
Location : KultuurKaffee Plan


Cheating (with music) is allowed on your 35th anniversary! AB will be slipping between the sheets with the ClubCircuit this coming party season, for a very exciting concert series.

As of October ’14, the friends from 4AD, Democrazy, Cactus Muziekcentrum, De Kreun, De Zwerver, Nijdrop, KultuurKaffee, N9, Petrol, Recyclart and VK will be coming to AB to celebrate, and arrive bearing a heap of wonderful concerts.

AB will then be reciprocating, as good friends should, in the eleven clubs of the ClubCircuit. Artistic cross-pollination in the form of 22 concerts in various musical styles… But with one common theme: quality!

AB presents in KultuurKaffee: Jett Rebel (NL)

Jett Rebel - Formerly Know as Jelte Tuinstra - ‘s past year has been packed with highlights. The 23-year-old Dutch pop hero is already referred to as the younger version of Prince in Holland and his stardom is still rising.

While studying piano and guitar at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, Jelte first played in bands such as Valerius and The Souldiers but decided in 2012 to put his talent to his own use by writing music under the Jett Rebel moniker. With great success we must add.

In only one year he won the ‘3FM Serious Talent Award 2014’, went from playing in crappy bars to the Heineken Music Hall and climbed the stage of more than 60 festival such as Pinkpop and Lowlands this summer.

During live shows top musicians surround Jett Rebel, but in the studio he plays, records and produces everything by himself. Drum, bass, keyboard or guitar, Jett plays it all.

Venus & Mars (2014), a compilation of his two first EP’s is characterized by catchy pop tunes that bring some soul and glam rock to the party, inspired by musicians such as Todd Rundgen, Elvis and The Beach Boys. End of this year his debut album will be released.

Expect in KultuurKaffee thanks to AB an energetic show that will highlight both the Jett and Rebel in his name. This young pop hero is ready to take over Belgium.

Listen here to EP Venus & Mars (2014).

!!  This concert will be the last one that we organize at KultuurKaffee!! 

During 2015 KultuurKaffee will leave the old building in anticipation of a new one. These plans our part of a new construction project at the campus of the VUB, designed by the hand of Conix RDBM architects

No need to worry, though!

During this transitional period we will continue to offer you a great variety of cultural activities in the city centre of Brussels.

Don't miss out!


DOORS  19:30








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