Academic opening @ Bozar: Dez Mona (duo)



Festival warm-up: BANG! curated by Saskia De Coster - Imaginative City Festival

Tuesday 22 September 2015
Ouverture des portes : 14:00
Price : Free admission (registration required)

A longstanding golden truism at KultuurKaffee: education is about more than just studying. With this catchphrase in mind, Vrije Universiteit Brussel is set to kick off the new academic year outside its walls this time around: on 22 September, Bozar will be throwing its doors wide open to host the festive academic opening session. As part of the BANG! Festival, the university gave curator/author Saskia De Coster free reign to pick the musical guest for the ceremonial session.

At De Coster’s invitation, singer Gregory Frateur and bass player Nicolas Rombouts - the tandem behind multifaceted band Dez Mona – will be uncorking a resounding new year at uni. The release of Dez Mona’s brand new album Origin (August 2015) heralds a return to the very core of their musical DNA. An eccentric combination of gospel, jazzy spirituals, and poppy gems built around Frateur’s unique vocals and Rombouts’ double bass as the pulsating backbeat.

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BANG! Imaginative City Festival curated by Saskia De Coster



This event is a warm up to the imaginative city festival BANG! Curated by Saskia De Coster. Due to the construction work currently being undertaken, KultuurKaffee has opted for a nomadic existence and, together with a guest curator, assembles twice a year a multidisciplinary programme of events at various locations dotted around the city of Brussels. Autumn 2015 sees author Saskia De Coster welcoming her festival guests at Bozar.


An initiative by KultuurKaffee in association with Andermansland