An Pierlé (solo)



BANG! curated by Saskia De Coster - Imaginative City Festival

Sunday 04 October 2015
Ouverture des portes : 19:00
Price : advance tickets: € 5 (red) - € 10 / door: € 8 (red) - € 13
Location : BOZAR - STUDIO Plan

An Pierlé doesn’t like fakeness. You won’t catch her delivering a disingenuous performance and she’s careful not to get locked into a straitjacket dictated by the zeitgeist: An prefers to stay true to herself. Which we all are very grateful for. The singer/pianist has been touching audiences with her impressive vocal delivery and disarming songs for many years.

Originally a solo artist with debut album Mud Stories (1999), she moved on to share the stage with the musicians of White Velvet headed up by her soul mate and producer, Koen Gisen.

Fourteen years after that debut, An Pierlé went back to basics to record her latest album Strange Days in 2013, marking a return to piano and vocals. Intimate songs that,for all their simplicity, sound big and universal.

In the meantime, the busy bee has not been sitting idle. Together with Fulco Ottervanger, she recently composed the music for acclaimed children’s theatre play Slumberland and wrote the score for Le Tout Nouveau Testament, the latest Jaco Van Dormael (Le Huitième Jour, Mr. Nobody), which was enthusiastically received at Cannes earlier this year.

An and her piano. Uncluttered, pure essence.


Doors: 19:00

Start: 20:00


BANG! Imaginative City Festival curated by Saskia De Coster



This event is part of the imaginative city festival BANG! Curated by Saskia De Coster. Due to the construction work currently being undertaken, KultuurKaffee has opted for a nomadic existence and, together with a guest curator, assembles twice a year a multidisciplinary programme of events at various locations dotted around the city of Brussels. Autumn 2015 sees author Saskia De Coster welcoming her festival guests at Bozar.


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