Belgium Performance Festival III

Podium Fine Arts

How to Document a Performance

From Tuesday 04 2016 to Wednesday 05 October 2016
Ouverture des portes : 12:00
Price : Free entrance
Location : CAMPUS VUB Plan

For more then three years now, the Belgium Performance Festival undividedly puts performance art by Belgian artists and artists working in Belgium into the spotlight.

The third edition of the festival focuses on the theme: 'registration'. "How to Document a Performance" presents the work of 30 artists. These performances will be carefully documented, followed by an interactive, artistic symposium. Visitors and speakers from all kinds of backgrounds examine the relationship and the contrast between the ephemeral nature of such performances and its static registration.

  • What is the most appropriate method to record performances for the purpose of archiving and transferring these to the next generations?
  • Is there a correlation between the medium and the manner in which a performance is recorded?
  • Can we come to a general model?

"How to Document a Performance" also revolves around your OWN experience. Together, we examine how your experience of staged performances matches the registration of the events.



Anna Kosarewska - Bart Van Dijck - Ben Brohanszky - Céline Gillain - Dave Nuyts - Dawid Wojtalewicz - Dennis Tyfus - Eddy Ausloos - Erin HelsenFrancis Denys - Frans Van Lent - Harry Gamboa Jr. - Isabel Tesfazghi - Jo Caimo - Johanna van Overmeir Juan Pablo Plazas - Karina Beumer - Kathelijne Adriaensen - Katinka de Jonge - Liesje de Laet - Minja Gu - Monique Hendriksen - Philip Meersman - Saori Kuno - Sjoerd Leijten - Sofia Caesar - Stefan Wouters - Timo van Grinsven - Wannes Wouters - Wouter van de Koot


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With the support of Maïte Morren, Schepen van Nederlandstalige Aangelegenheden, het college van Burgemeester and Schepenen van Elsene.