Podium Comedy

BANG! curated by Saskia De Coster - Imaginative City Festival

Tuesday 29 September 2015
Ouverture des portes : 19:00
Price : € 2 at the door
Location : POP-UP BAR BANG! @ BOZAR Plan

Bingo: a game introduced only for boring grannies that would otherwise simply find themselves whiling away the hours in front of the telly? Think again!


Actor / singer  Iwein Segers will be treating those women who'll sign up for Bingo Night to a highly memorable evening of frenzied number crunching.

Join us for a relaxed girls night out with this unique game leader.

We’ll provide you with your very own set of cards and Bingo markers. Who will be the BINGO queen of what promises to be a unpredictable evening? And which prize will you be taking home? A once in a lifetime experience. Don’t think twice, the number of seats is limited.

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Doors: 19:00

Start: 20:00

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BANG! Imaginative City Festival curated by Saskia De Coster



This event is part of the imaginative city festival BANG! Curated by Saskia De Coster. Due to the construction work currently being undertaken, KultuurKaffee has opted for a nomadic existence and, together with a guest curator, assembles twice a year a multidisciplinary programme of events at various locations dotted around the city of Brussels. Autumn 2015 sees author Saskia De Coster welcoming her festival guests at Bozar.


An initiative by KultuurKaffee in association with Andermansland