Gap Dream (us) + Tomorrows Tulips (us)



Burger Records aliens

Sunday 02 November 2014
Ouverture des portes : 20:00
Price : presale. €4 (red.) / €6 (excl. reservatiekost) atd €6 (red.) /€10
Location : KultuurKaffee Plan



Squished between Los Angeles and San Diego, Tomorrows Tulips give birth to a sound that is culled from equal parts pop experience and esoteric interests. A comfortable wave from a van window, paying homage to the DIY aesthetics of undergrounds past. Internet whispers mumble "Pavement at the beach," "lackadaisical affair," loser rock and bummer pop. Whether it's worshipping alien lanes or getting called Kurt Cobabies, Brent from Further said "Alex and Ford are keeping your underground slightly outta tune rock safe."

Tomorrows Tulips’ 3rd LP "WHEN" (release date: September 27) showcases the group’s evolution through a blend of pop sensibilities with post punk, noise rock and DIY recording techniques—endeavors that demonstrate the band’s interest in experimentation and impromptu deconstruction.

Watch their R-rated video featuring two songs of “WHEN”: gooey egg yolks!  steely-eyed  naked young women!





The cult of Gap Dream proposes a toast. While not on tour Gabe Fulvimar aka Gap Dream is living in the Burger Records record store in Fullerton, which equally serves as the office of his label. After releasing an excellent garage punk album for Burger Records in the beginning of 2013, Gap Dream returned near the end of the year with another album, 'Shine Your Light', that is just as fun and tuneful, but has a very different sound. Trading in the fuzzy psych and jangling guitars for a sleek and relatively sparse synth-driven approach. Unravel the influence of 90ies indie heroes like Spiritualized and Sonic Youth while Fulvimar contemplates with a nasal voice about his past live of loneliness, chatty girlfriends and life on the beach.



Doors  20:00
Tomorrows Tulips  21:00
Gap Dream  22:00