HGO!XTRA CINECONCERT: Syndrome (be) + Motek (be)

Music Fine Arts Film and video

On the occasion of the opening of Het Grote Ongeduld!Xtra

Wednesday 19 March 2014
Ouverture des portes : 21:00
Price : Free
Location : KultuurKaffee Plan


Mathieu Vandekerckhove is mainly known for his work with Amenra, Kingdom and Sembler Deah. However, his solo project Syndrome confirms its reputation as an experimental songwriter and ‘soundscaper’. Vandekerckhove describes music is a way to channel his negative into positive energy, self-examination and meditation. During the intense set of Syndrome in Kultuurkaffee for the HGO! Xtra exhibition, Vandekerckhove enters a dialogue with the images of Stefaan Temmerman.



These pillars of the Belgian post rock circulate almost 10 years in the national and international alternative music circuit. Motek thanks their unique sound to the combination of hypnotic drum patterns, effect-loaded guitars and immersive bass. With the release of ‘Sonder’ in 2013, Motek is now ready for her fourth album. This foursome — Steven Biebaut, Wout Roelants, Kim Aernoudt and Bert Delafontaine — sounds smart, raw and quirky.

The songs are balancing on the edge between rock and experimental and evolve from threatening peace to exuberant, drawn-out chaos. The sound of Motek fuses live with the stunning visuals of Tine Guns and cause an intense performance.



21:00: Syndrome

21:45: Motek


This free concert is part of the opening night of the exhibition Het Grote Ongeduld!Xtra: an exhibition of graduation projects of students from all Belgian art schools that specialize in experimental short film and multimedia