Humans of Syria

Photo exhibition Syria

From Monday 27 March 2017 to Monday 15 May 2017
Ouverture des portes : 08:00
Price : Free
Location : Plan

We all face the ugly images about the war in Syria. A group of photographers from Syria during the war want to change these images and people’s views of the Syrian people living their lives in wartime . They are photographers,  both professional and amateur.

"How come no one thought about the humans inside Syria?"

Their exhibition 'Humans Of Syria' gives a different outlook on the Syrian people. They steer clear of the negative reporting we in the West hear or see every day. Through this photo exhibition you get to see the daily lives of the Syrian people and how they are managing it.

Humans Of Syria has a huge following and a big community on Facebook. Their pictures have also been picked up by the media and shown across the world. From 27 March to 15 May you too can now see their work. The exhibition takes place in building D at the Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus (VUB Campus Etterbeek).

Monday - Friday: 08:00-22:00

All this has been made possible by VUB, Marcom, IRMO, Humans of Syria, KultuurKaffee and VGC.