Ik ben de laatste Indiaan (I am the last Indian)

Fine Arts


From Monday 14 November 2016 to Wednesday 07 December 2016
Ouverture des portes : 10:00
Price : Free entrance
Location : Building D - Campus Etterbeek Plan

“I am the last Indian” is a multidisciplinary artistic project in which photographer and journalist Hadil Al-Ramli compares, on a painful and sensitive manner, the rich Palestinian history with the daily life in Gaza today. This photo series will be exhibited from 15 to November 25, 2016 at VUB Etterbeek (Building D), which is an initiative of Kultuurkaffee.

On Friday, November 25th at 17h30 Hadil Al-Ramli will explain her project, also by using video images. Based on human stories during her project in Palestine, she reflects about how people can come into contact with each other and live together in a society with different cultures and religions. Her human story, based on the experiences during the development of the project "I'm the last Indian”, is very unique thanks to her interesting journalistic and artistic point of view. Together with the audience, she will be searching in a interactive way for new insights about living together in a respectful society without conflict.

Hadil is a Palestinian photojournalist, born in Jordan 1988, and obtained her Bachelor Degree in Media and Journalism in 2012, from Gaza Palestine. Her work is dedicated to documenting the daily life of Palestinians along with the Palestinian – Israeli conflict in the region. In 2008, she concentrated on covering the war in Gaza, and the war’s aftermath revealing many deep and sensitive Palestinian issues. Alramli has eight years of experience in documentary photography, and also a rich experience in working with local and international institutions in middle East and Europe.
Now Alramli is preparing for a Master’s degree in cinema directing in Belgium

Finissage 25/11: Practical information
- Friday, November 25, 17h30
- Vrije Universiteit Brussel Promotiezaal, Building D, Campus Etterbeek
- Free entrance

With the support of UCOS, VGC and in cooperation with Globe Aroma.