La Semaine du Son: Radio art Keith Rowe (UK) and Jacques Foschia (BE)

Music Fine Arts

From Monday 24 2014 to Thursday 27 February 2014
Ouverture des portes : 18:00
Price : Free entrance
Location : KK Gallery' Plan

Opening: Monday, February 24th at 18:00 with live performances by Keith Rowe and Jacques Foschia

Keith Rowe is an English free improvisation tabletop guitarist and painter. Keith is widely regarded as an influential figure within the genre of free improvisation and developed various prepared guitar techniques: placing the guitar flat on a table and manipulating the strings, body and pickups in unorthodox ways to produce sounds described as dark, brooding, compelling, expansive and alien. He also experiments with sound manipulation through electronics and radio.

The installation Rowe will present in the KK Gallery'includes a reference to readymades and consists of 50 radios and 50 dogs that he will provide with live experts of sound manipulations during our opening night. 

Jacques Foschia is also an improviser (for instance a member of the London Improvisers Orchestra) who's also actively involved with experimenting with radio in art. Armed with a mixing console and other electronics Foschia searches different frequencies on two ancient radios. Physical interventions such as tilting the device or moving the hands above the recipient contribute to the production of a unique soundscape. After his live performance, the result can be visited as an installation in our KK Gallery'.

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