Maïa Vidal (US)



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Wednesday 09 October 2013
Ouverture des portes : 20:00
Price : presale € 5/8 (excl. reservation costs) sale €7/11
Location : KultuurKaffee Plan

MAÏA VIDAL uses violins, accordion, guitar, percussion, toy instruments and her distinctive, moving voice to compose and arrange her own unique music.Blending modern, confident songwriting with shades of old world melodies, she takes us on a journey that is at once sweet and painfully honest, yet never loses its sense of wonderment.

Attentive listeners be well aware that, behind the apparently light and sweet surface, some deeper, darker, richer elements are bubbling.

Maïa Vidal is presenting us with Spaces ✩, an entrancing new album, full of soaring melodies, arresting lyrics, innovative compositions & daring production.

 Support is Samowar.


Doors: 20:00

Samowar: 21:00

Maïa Vidal: 22:00

Tags : Intimate Atmospheric Dreamy