Milla Brune (BE) (trio)



+ Little Dots (BE) (trio)

Thursday 13 March 2014
Ouverture des portes : 19:30
Price : Presale € 4/7 (excl. reservation costs) Doors: €6/10
Location : Petit Théâtre Mercelis Plan

Hailing from Brussels, Belgium, Milla Brune is one of those artists that created her own musical universe through a multitude of musical experiences and collaborations. 

In the past Milla toured with ZAP MAMA as band-member all across the globe for a couple of years and was the featured vocalist of US rapper GURU and his Jazzmatazz project for his European live-shows during 2006. Later on she was asked by afro-rap artist BALOJI to join him as lead singer for his shows throughout Europe, Canada and Brazil.

 With her EP “The Other Woman”, Milla Brune explores and experiments an acoustic and minimalist approach centered around the strength, sensibility and fragility of her voice.  Call it Pop, Soul, Urban or Jazz, her music is always an emotional reflection and comes straight from her heart & soul



 © Tina Herbots 

Little Dots arose when guitarist Pablo Casella and saxophonist Tom Callens decided to write songs for the angelic voice of Sophia Ammann. Listen and hear a subtle blend of Feist, The Beatles and Portishead.

2014 promises to be a significant year for the group.  At this very moment the band is Artist in Residence in AB and their debut album, recorded by Frederik Segers (Members of Marvelas, Darmstadt, Sioen), will be relaesed later this spring.


Doors 19:30

Little Dots 20:30
Milla Brune



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