RAT EVENT: Elko Blijweert & Frans Van Isacker + SCHENGEN SHEGE



concert with a focus on improvised music

Tuesday 21 October 2014
Ouverture des portes : 19:30
Price : presale. €4 (red.) / €6 (excl. reservatiekost) atd €6 (red.) /€10
Location : KultuurKaffee Plan

RAT EVENT is a series of concerts with a focus on improvised music.

During the autumn of 2014 RAT EVENT visits five different concert halls with a selection of the best contemporary improvised music the scene has to offer today.

Improvisation is often associated with jazz, but this technique is also used in other musical genres as a tool to create a new and fresh sound.

The bands and artistes who are invited by drummer/curator Teun Verbruggen (i.a. Jeff Neve, Bureau of Atomic Tourism, FES,...) for RAT EVENT all experiment with different genres: jazz, rock, electro, noise, you name it!

KultuurKaffee presents:

>> Elko Blijweert & Frans Van Isacker (duo - guitar & sax)


>> SCHENGEN SHEGE (David Bouvée, congotrashpower4tet)

Schengen Shege is the newest project of David Bovée and the Congolese Dino Boyoka

Dino Boyoka - vocals

Mirco Banovics - bass (i.a. Arno, Arsenal)

Sam Gysel - drums (i.a. Arno, S.W.A.N.)

David Bovée  - guitar ( i.a. Think Of One, S.W.A.N.)



Tags : Improv