Rockrace preliminary round 1

Leopold Tears, Synthagmatics & JFK

Tuesday 17 February 2015
Ouverture des portes : 19:00
Price : Free entrance
Location : Rits Café Plan

Hallelujah, in a few weeks Rockrace starts again! The musical brighth spot in these darkest hours.


Please highlight in your calendar: Tuesday the 17th of February - 7pm- Rits Café. See you there!




  7:00 pm

credits: Leopold Tears
  • Moody Cue - Vocals
  • Yann Vanhalewyn - Guitar
  • Quentin DT - Bass
  • Lau Seys - Drums
    Genre: Rock/Pop

Leopold Tears

If you like daydreaming on a smooth melody or to whip your hair intensely, then you can not go wrong with Leopold Tears. 



8:15 pm 
Antoine Aarens & Antoine Thomaes
Neil Springael - live drums
Athila Struys (MC)
Genre: Electronic/Drum & Bass



Need a boost? The energetic performances of Synthagmatics will definitely shake you up for a night full of music.



9:30 pm

Credits: Matthias Bossee

James Francis King - DJ and rapper

James Francis King (JFK)

Unfortunately, no posthumous presidential visit for us, but surely a young DJ and rapper which is also nice. ( ... or even better!)

The audience gets a voice!

So, do you know someone of the band or do you simply have a crush on one of the boys?  Let your voice be heard!