1000 Brussel, putain fieu quoi!

Thursday 08 May 2014
Ouverture des portes : 22:00
Location : KultuurKaffee Plan




1000 Brussesl, putain fieu quoi!”

STIKSTOF is an open project that is driven by the ambition to give the Belgian hip hop scene its very own identity. Brussels is both their main inspiration source as their home base.  

The collective consists of four permanent members and a DJ that comes along on live performances. The MC's are Paulo ‘Astrofisiks’ Rietjens, Jasper ‘Jazz’ De Ridder, Maxim ‘Rosse’ Lammens and Gorik ‘Gomar’ Van Oudheusden. The supporting live DJ is Joris ‘DJ VEGA’ Ghysen.

For a few years now the collective is experimenting with a broad variety of instruments and styles. The MC's speak the different national languages which gives them a lot of possibilities to try new and different things.

Tight rhythms, bold and danceable hip hop beats: they are permanently in search for alternative, unbeaten tracks. That is the STIKSTOF trademark!


In collaboration with Poppunt

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